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About Us

The company Lumuzin servis Exclusive was founded in 2001.

We are specialized in luxury limousine transport services, middle-class vehicles as well as car rental services.

During these years we have cooperated with many companies from all over the world (from the USA, Great Britain, France, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Japan, Russia, Brunei, Turkey...). We often work for high-level delegation with entourage. We have many years of cooperation with many companies in the country. Često radimo za visoke delegacije sa pratnjom. Imamo dugogodišnju saradnju sa mnogim kompanijama u zemlji.

We provide transport services throughout Europe and Serbia and transport between the airport Nikola Tesla - hotels in the city - the airport Nikola Tesla. We also have cooperation with many hotels in the city. We have excellent cooperation with many embassies in our country.

We have the car high and middle class with drivers to offer. This offer includes:

  • Mercedes S class
  • Mercedes E class
  • Mercedes V class
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Audi A6
  • Audi A8
  • Opel Insignia
  • Opel Vivaro / Renault Trafic

All cars are 2020/2021 and are black. Opel Vivaro (8 + 1) vehicles can also be rented with drivers.

We provide larger minibuses or buses in cooperation with business partners.

All our vehicles have air conditioning and all other equipment that guarantees a comfortable and safe ride.

All our drivers fluently speak English, and we also have drivers who speak French, German and Russian. They are always trained according to European and world standards.

In addition to transportation services, we also offer car rental without a driver. You can see all the details on the Rent a car page.

Discretion is guaranteed to our clients

Their and your references are guarantee to the quality of our services, for which every day we strive to be better and more diverse.