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Rental Conditions

General terms:
Vehicle is considered rented upon signing a contract between Exclusive d.o.o. and lessee. Lessee must be at least 23 years old, and must have at least 1 year of driving experience. Upon takeover, lessee must have valid driver license and ID card (or passport). Fines and other administrative fees which proceed from violating any article of Law on traffic safety of Republic of Serbia during lease period, are expense of a lessee. Rented vehicle can be used only for personal needs and can not be rented or borrowed to a third party. Vehicle can not be overloaded with passengers or objects beyond maximum allowed weight. In order to leave the country, written consent issued by Exclusive d.o.o. is needed.
Lease duration:

Minimal lease duration is one day (24 hours). At the end of the lease, Exclusive d.o.o. provides additional sixty minutes (one hour) to return the vehicle, free of charge. After sixty minutes (one hour) additional period expires, and lessee will be charged for the whole following day. Lessee can change agreed venue of returning vehicle and/or duration of lease only with Exclusive's approval.

Lease prices:

Daily lease includes full Casco vehicle insurance. Price of lease doesn't include fuel costs.

Payment methods:

VISA, VISA Electron, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and DINACARD, checking account, cash. Payment is made in dinars at the current selling rate of xxxx Bank.


Deposit on charge or credit card is mandatory. Cash deposits will not be accepted.

Third person liability:

Leased vehicle is insured from damage to a third party in accordance with Serbian laws, and all document needed in this regard are in the vehicle. In case of damage on rented vehicle, police report is mandatory. Upon reporting theft, lessee must posses upon his person complete documentation (vehicle registration, Lease contract...) as well as original key. Casco insurance doesn't cover damage on tires, rims, steering mechanism, crankcase, loss of key and damages on vehicle interior. In case of losing a key, lessee covers all expenses of making new keys and changing all locks on rented vehicle. Casco insurance does not cover damages caused by a person which was not authorized to drive vehicle in terms of contract with Exclusive d.o.o, damages caused by reckless driving such as running a red light, double full line overtaking, overtaking in a tunnel, driving under inMegane 1.5 dci (alcohol and drugs). Client is obligated to cover all expenses resulting from disrespecting said provisions.

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